Infant & child sleep routine guide

Sleep can often be tricky for little one's for a range of different reasons.  However, I promise you that there is a solution to improving your little one's sleep without compromising on your parenting style.  A sleep routine can be an important part of the overall sleep puzzle.

  • Based on science and proven results, these nap routines provide you with guidance for age appropriate awake times and total day sleep requirements.

  • Designed from 6 weeks through to 4 years with two different nap routines for each each age to suit your family lifestyle and individual baby.

  • Feed times are also included, this will help your little one establish a routine whilst also ensuring adequate nutritional intake throughout the day.  

  • A well rested baby, will be happier in awake times, have a regulated appetite and be easier to settle for naps and overnight to achieve consolidated sleep.

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Baby Sleep Consutlant


Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Kelly Martin is a mother of 3 gorgeous girls, a parent whisperer and potentially your new best friend when it comes to sleep. As a certified and experienced infant and child sleep consultant, she helps parents optimise their little one’s sleep patterns by working with families one-on-one, in addition to her Baby Sleep Foundations course and running informative and supportive group workshops.


After experiencing her own struggles with the sleep of her second child and receiving firsthand the benefits of working with a sleep consultant, Kelly was inspired to change careers. Now, having worked with thousands of families with children aged birth to five years, Kelly is committed to helping parents learn the skills they need to assist their children to develop healthy sleep foundations.


Kelly’s methods are holistic, researched, and evidence-based. By employing a wide range of sleep coaching techniques, she cares for every child individually according to their age,  personality, and cognitive development.  When formulating a sleep solution for your child, Kelly considers a range of factors including their temperament, nap structure, milk and solids intake,

and sleeping environment, along with your night-time sleep expectations and preferred parenting style. She respects the unique qualities of each family, child, and baby, and is a firm believer in there being no ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to helping children achieve better sleep.

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